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Cashew Nuts


As one of our strategic export products for many years, the cashew nuts products are rich in types and specifications with the quality according to AFI.
All the control and quality inspection by reputable independent inspection companies in Vietnam such as SGS, Cafecontrol, Vinacontrol ...
We make export for many kinds such as: W240, W320, W450, WAS, SW, DW, LP, SP ...
Packing: Vacuum bag/ tin and carton. Each carton net 22.68 kgs, total 700 cartons. 15,876 kgs/20FT
Standard quality: As per AFI standard.

Grade Designation Trade Name Colour/ Characteristics Count/454 gms
size description
Max. Moisture Broken Max
W240 do do 220-240 5 % 10 %
W320 do do 300-320 5 % 10 %
W450 do do 400-450 5 % 10 %
WS do   White Split    
SW, LBW, SK1, DW do   Scorched, Lightly Blemished Wholes, Dessert Whole    
LP/LWP/SP1/SWP, SP do   Large Pieces, Small Pieces,    
BB do   Baby Bitts